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Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Website

Wikipedia, also called the free encyclopedia is currently the largest and most popular multilingual encyclopedia website on the global network. According to the latest data from Alexa, Wikipedia is currently ranked 5th in the world. Wikipedia is held by the non-profit organization and currently supports content in more than 30 languages. It attracts countless readers […]

How to Create Wikipedia Page in SharePoint

SharePoint is a platform where browser-based collaboration and document management features are available. It allows groups or teams to do document sharing at one centralized platform that is protected by password and is a secured space to work on multiple documents without having to worry about any privacy issues or competitor invading their privacy. SharePoint […]

How to Edit a Wikipedia Page in 2020

Are you wondering Why Wikipedia So Important? The open-source, multilingual and greatest online encyclopaedia- Wikipedia is one of the hugely recognized hubs of information. It covers subjects off all kinds including information related to every single industry across the world. The greatest depiction of the enormous success of the platform is evident from the fact […]

How to Register and Enroll in Wikipedia

Wikipedia is now the fifth most visited website in the world. It is also one of the few sites known to be hosted by a non-profit foundation. Students, professors, professionals, or others, many Internet users use this online encyclopedia, which has more than 6 million articles in 310 languages. Many businessmen and entrepreneurs having the […]

Wikipedia Must Be Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Wikipedia is one of the most famous websites around the world. Ranked number 14th on Alexa’s top site rankings, it is one of the most visited websites around the globe. Aside from its performance as a website, it is a commonly known name among those who look for information. Any search you put into any […]

How Long Does It Take For Wikipedia to Approve an Article

The reason behind many people asking for a Wikipedia page for their company or business is because of the wonders it can do to a name. That is why many brands and people would like to have their own page on Wikipedia for two main reasons. First, the fact that it provides legitimacy to any […]

Why Wikipedia is a Powerful Marketing Tool for Personal Branding

Today, Google is able to answer almost any question. But if your question concerns the name of a brand, historical event or famous person, it is likely that Wikipedia will appear in the top of search queries. The fact remains that today it is almost impossible to use any search engine without going to the […]

How To Write and Edit Wikipedia Articles – A Complete Guide

Wikipedia is known for its strict rules and regulations to write and edit an article. Having a massive panel of editors on board, the evaluation criteria of the platform is tough to pass. You need to have a detailed view as to how your article should be composed and what are the measures that need […]

How Wikipedia Can Help Your Business Become a Notable Brand

There are many ways to promote your brand on the internet. Creating a Wikipedia page for your business is one of them. It allows those interested in your brand or company to find more information about your history and values, and it also gives credibility and depth to your business. This Wikipedia page must be […]

Why Wikipedia Page About Your Business Is Important?

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world. It is a source of information for journalists and the general public. Unfortunately, anyone can write anything. And it is sometimes difficult for companies to control the content of their page. How to register and connect to Wikipedia Here are the steps necessary to […]