How to Create an Artist Profile on Spotify

The music industry is not what it used to be. The concept of buying cassettes, CDs or even saving all your songs or playlist to a USB is gone now. Music is not saved anymore, it is now streamed live. The audience has moved in the direction of streaming platforms and an increasing number of people still prefer the use of streaming platforms, as far as listening to music is concerned.

This brings us to one of the biggest sensations in the world of streaming music. Yes, Spotify! You must have heard the name. You may even be using this platform to listen to music as well. However, do you know, what Spotify actually, is? Well, if you want to learn how to create an artist profile on Spotify, then understanding what this platform exactly is, should be the best way for you to comprehend everything completely and thoroughly.


What is Spotify?

In simple words, Spotify is a music streaming service. With millions of songs to offer, Spotify is the right platform for you, if you are a music lover. Now, there are two aspects of Spotify. You can look at Spotify from two different perspectives, 1) From a listener’s perspective and 2) From an artist’s perspective.

If you look at Spotify from a listener’s perspective, then it is simply, a music streaming service, where you can easily have access to millions of songs. It is a digital platform, where you can get access to more than just music such as podcasts and all other music related content. You can even go and listen to live performances by artists on this digital platform. All in all, this is the coolest and the newest way of listening to music these days.

Another perspective of looking at Spotify is to look at it from an artist’s point of view, where you comprehend the significance of Spotify. See, Spotify is not just an app, which lets people stream music. In fact, it is a tool, which allows artists and musicians to float their latest music out there. It is a platform, where artists and musicians can directly get into contact with their audiences. Spotify offers a chance to artists for meeting their audiences through their amazing feature, which allows artists to create their own radio stations and directly stay in touch with their fans.

Spotify is one of the most successful online music streaming platforms in the world, with more than 50% of the streaming market share, this platform is the best choice for artists, if they wish to become famous.

However, before you can dream about becoming a famous musician, using this digital streaming platform, you need to learn how to create your artist profile on Spotify. Here, in this piece, you can discover the way, in which you can create your own artist profile on Spotify and use this magnificent platform to promote your music across the globe.

How You Can Start Using Spotify As an Artist

Are you an artist or a musician? Do you wish to connect with your audience worldwide through Spotify? Well, here is how you can do it.

Create Your Artist Profile

It all starts with you visiting this link This is where you will need to visit in order to create your artist profile. Once you visit this link, you will see a “Get Access” option on your screen. Click on it and then click on “Continue”.

spotify for artist

Now, once you are done with this, you will need to start making a search for your name. When you find your name, you simply either, login or create your account on the platform. After you do that, you simply click on the “Yes, Claim it” option and click “Continue”.

Following these few simple steps, will allow you to create an artist profile on Spotify. Now, while you are at it, you will need to link your Spotify account or profile with your social media accounts as well, such as Instagram or Twitter. This is purely done in order to verify if you are an actual user and to confirm your identity. Once you are done with all this, your request will be sent to the Spotify team, which will review it and within 3 to 4 days, you will receive a notification via email, which you can use to visit Spotify for artist page again and login to your account. After confirmation, you can visit your profile’s dashboard, where you can easily start to manage your account.

Start Uploading Your Music

Uploading your music on Spotify is not as simple as you may think it is. Before 2018, it was fairly, simple but now, you must go through an intermediary, if you wish that your music became a part of the huge collection, which is already present on this digital platform. You will need to go through a digital distributor to get your music uploaded on Spotify.

If you want, then you may even choose to take the services of a professional record company, which will take care of uploading your music on the digital platform. Most professional record companies are already in contact with digital distributors, which make this process fairly, easy for artists. Now, you must keep in mind, that as the number of intermediaries grow, the income you generate from your music will be divided more.

However, if you look at the services you receive from these digital distributors, you will realize that these digital distributors are actually, quite a necessity for you, as an artist, to upload and manage your music on these digital platforms. They will make it easier for you to not only, host or upload your music on Spotify but in fact, on many other social media platforms such as YouTube or SoundCloud as well.

Here is a list of some of the most popular digital distributors, which you can approach, if you want to upload your music on Spotify.

·         Reverb Nation

·         iMusician

·         Symphonic

·         Loudr

·         LandR

·         CD Baby

Now, you have a profile on Spotify and you now have access to a digital distributor as well, who can help in uploading your music on the platform. However, managing your music career is a completely different story. Yes, Spotify is an amazing platform for musicians to meet their fans directly however, you are living in a digital era, where your digital presence matters more than you think it does.

Create a Powerful Online Presence through Wikipedia

Yes, social media is a powerful tool, which you need to get in touch with your fans. However, social media is not the only online platform, which can help you, as an artist, to create awareness about your work and engage your target audiences effectively. There are other platforms as well, such as Wikipedia. Yes, Wikipedia, you read that right. It is a perfect tool for you, if you are an artist, who is trying to create awareness about his or her work in the online world.

Creating a Wikipedia page can easily help you in providing you with the online visibility and presence you are looking for. See, Wikipedia is, without a doubt, one of the most highly visited websites in the world. People from all over the world visit this website for information regarding anything and everything. Therefore, being present on such a website can mean the difference between your fame and /or failure.

Use Every Social Media Platform Out there

“How do I create an artist profile on Spotify?” if that’s your only concern then you are mistaken because the digital world has a lot more to offer than just Spotify. See, Spotify is just one digital platform. Yes, admittedly, it is solely made for the purpose of connecting musicians with their fans however, there are tons of other social media platforms out there, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many others, which won’t require you to go through the trouble of specially hiring a digital distributor to upload your music on the platform.

Yes, Spotify is a “The Platform” for professional and emerging musicians however, you simply, cannot ignore other social media platforms either. With social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube out there, you can easily use them to get in touch with billions of fans around the globe. Furthermore, you can use these platforms to have a real relationship with your fans as well. These social media platforms are an amazing place for you to get feedback as well. Interacting live with your fans through social media platforms can turn things around for your music career for the better.

Each digital platform is a tool and you should use every last one of these digital tools, which you have at your disposal to its fullest to bring forward the best results for your music career. Don’t you think so?

How do you create an artist profile on Spotify?

Creating an artist profile on Spotify is something, which you can easily do if you follow a couple of steps. You will have to visit and click on the “get access” option. Once you do that, you will have to login or create an account on the platform, after you search your name in the list and click on the “claim it” option.

Once you do that, you will have to integrate your social media accounts with your Spotify account, which will help Spotify’s team to verify your identity.  Now, everything is essentially done and the request for your profile creation will go to Spotify’s team. Once their team has reviewed your application, which usually takes around 3 to 4 days, you will be notified through email. Once you receive the confirmation email, you can simply log onto the website link again and login and start managing your account or profile.

How long does it normally take for Spotify’s team to review your account application?

Typically, when you “Claim” your name and create a login or an account on Spotify. Your application is sent to the Spotify’s team for review purposes. It may take the Spotify’s team at least 3 to 4 days to review your application and provide you with feedback or notification through an email.

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