How to Request a Wikipedia Page

How to Request a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the world’s number one source for easy information. It allows access to information in 304 languages of the world to be exact. This huge number has covered almost all the national and major regional languages. The makers of Wikipedia Page had the aim of providing authentic information to every region of the world. Hence with their dedication and smart moves, they completed this nearly impossible task of giving easy knowledge possible.

The best part about Wikipedia is that unlike the traditional encyclopedias the sharing of the information is not limited to specific individuals or experts. It lets anyone from anywhere around the globe add information. It is a completely user-generated site but it has strong community guidelines to abide by the quality standards of the content. Everything has to be backed up with proper citation and sourcing in order to be proved as reliable.

With all the credibility features, Wikipedia has secured its name in the list of the top fifteen most visited sites of the world. It has average annual views of hundreds of millions. The platform hosts nearly 53 million articles and has around  52 million pages. However, the number continues to grow every day with hundreds of new pages joining the network.

Nonetheless, if you have the urge to have a Wikipedia page then here is the procedure of how to request a Wikipedia page. You can create one for absolutely anything, all you have to do is keep the fact in mind that you are providing information which means it should be useful for the reader. Let’s get started with the process.

1.      Do Homework Before You Start

The things you need to get done before the procedure starts is to know about the audience and the aim of your page. These two are extremely important aspects to know. Figure out the topic of your page, then ask yourself why do you want to create it? How will the reader be benefited from it and what the reader expects from you? knowing the answers to these questions will ease the how to request a Wikipedia page process for you.

2.      Dive in to the World of Knowledge with an Account

Remember one thing you cannot lead ways for a Wikipedia page if you do not have a Wikipedia account. It is your gate-pass to enter the world’s largest source of information. To have an account all you have to do is,

  • Go to Wikipedia homepage
  • Click on the ‘create account’ option at the top right corner of the page
  • Fill the required fields in the information section
  • Confirm the email address
  • Log in to the account after confirmation

3.      Prove that You Deserve to have a Page by Positive Reputation

Once you have the account, it is now time to show that are you eligible to have a Wikipedia page. You can generate a positive reputation on the platform by doing a minimum of 7 authentic edits with a four days old account. Make sure you choose relevant pages for edits to have notability. The process of editing is this.

  • Open any accessible Wikipedia page
  • Click on the edit option
  • Write the content in the Wiki text box
  • Do proper citation
  • Preview changes and submit it

4.      Think Innovatively for the Title

Your page needs to have a unique yet easy title that can be optimized easily. Therefore, think of a relatable title that can explain the topic you are discussing and have relevance to user searches as well. The better your title will be the more audience it will engage.

5.      See If the Proposed Title is Available

It is now time to check if the proposed title is available or no. To do so you will have to look for a red link.  a red link means that the title you have proposed is unique and you can continue to make a page with it. However, a blue link indicates that the title already exists and you need to think of something different for the page. You can easily check for title feasibility through the red link methods.

6.      Request for the Page to Be Created

Once you see a red link on the screen, the next step is to request for the page by clicking on the ‘ask for the page to be created’. This option lies right next to the red link. This is in fact the simplest step in the entire process.

7.      Hit the Right Strings with Article Wizard or Sandbox

After clicking on the ask for the page to be created option, you will be directed to a screen where all the community guidelines and rules of having a Wikipedia page will be stated. Right on this page, you will see an option of the ‘Article Wizard’. You will have to write the content of the page there. However, if you want to practice writing the content, you can opt for the ‘Sandbox’.

8.      Preview the Content and Submit the Page

You are the end of the process. It is time to check if the content for the page has any errors either grammatically or structural-wise. Correct them. Preview them. At last, submit the page for approval. Keep in mind that the approval process usually takes about 3 to 6 months.

What are the tips to get a Wikipedia page request accepted?

For the page to be accepted, you need to make sure that the content of the page is authentic, is backed up by proper research, and that the subject you are writing about is interesting.

How can you make a Wikipedia page interesting?

You can make a Wikipedia page interesting by adding facts and figures into it. Also, adding a touch of history would do great.

What can cause rejection of a Wikipedia page request?

Wikipedia has strict policies for page approval. Therefore, vandalism, plagiarized content, threatening content, or unauthorized content can lead to the rejection of the request.

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