Wikipedia Must Be Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Wikipedia is one of the most famous websites around the world. Ranked number 14th on Alexa’s top site rankings, it is one of the most visited websites around the globe. Aside from its performance as a website, it is a commonly known name among those who look for information. Any search you put into any search engine is bound to lead you towards Wikipedia. Having such a magnitude of its SEO domain, 72% of Wikipedia page visits are caused by a search query. Now, since we are on SEO, you can imagine if your name was on Wikipedia, how much traffic you would draw.

While that is a topic for later, one of the reasons why many companies and brands have jumped the bandwagon to make their Wikipedia page is because of the innumerable benefits it provides. Granted that there are some downsides, but as always, the benefits outweigh the risks. That is why today we are going to look at some of the reasons why Wikipedia must be a part of your online marketing strategy. Furthermore, we will discuss some of the benefits and how you can make a page for your company on it. Therefore, let us begin.

What Is A Wikipedia Page

Let us talk about the most basic thing first. In order to understand its role in marketing, let us look at what exactly is a Wikipedia ‘page’. While the content of the page is another topic, the page you see regarding any topic on Wikipedia is an article. It provides information about the said topic and features various content such as images, quotes, videos and in some cases, audio clips. However, the place comprising of all of these is what you would refer to as a “page”. That is why making a page requires you to provide various type of content. While not all of them feature the above-mentioned sort of content, there are some that need to.

Role Of Wikipedia In Marketing

Wikipedia is one of the most visited website and the largest known encyclopaedia to human beings. Comprising of more than 6,121,857 articles as of 17th July, Wikipedia is the go-to option for almost everyone when information is required. However, since it is about providing information, how does it play any role in marketing?

Let us look back at the things we have established so far. Wikipedia is respected. It has a huge SEO domain. It has unmatched credibility. It has thousands of users and top of all that, it is one of the top options for information for many people. Now, consider if you create a Wikipedia profile for your brand or company. What would it do for you? It will provide credibility. It will increase your SEO domain. It will make sure millions of people around the globe have access to your brand name. Now that kind of marketing magnitude cannot go unnoticed and it did not. That is why marketers around the world consider it one of the most unorthodox and yet one of the most effective ways of marketing your brand or company.

Benefits Of Making A Wikipedia Page

As mentioned more than once above, the reasons why marketers consider Wikipedia’s reputation as a goldmine for marketing purposes is because it allows a brand or company to become legitimate overnight. Granted that you need to be credible, noticeable and noteworthy in order to get a page. However, if you are all of those and do not have a Wikipedia page, then you are missing out. According to Wikipedia Page Creation Services, not only because it can increase your SEO benefits, but also help you establish as a viable brand or company in your industry. Today’s marketing requires one to be innovative and use any unorthodox methods within morals. When you look at the benefits of Wikipedia, it is only fitting that people are considering it as one of the most vital tools for online marketing.

What To Do Before Making A Page

Your company or brand might be an established or renowned one in your particular community. Nevertheless, Wikipedia Page Creator suggests that lack of resources towards your claim to fame may become a trouble if you are looking to make a page. Not only because Wikipedia requires sources to the information you provide, but the editors there also check the credibility of the information you provide.

Therefore, make sure you have enough sources before you begin. If your brand or company does not have enough information online, then it is suggested that you build some. Make sure your name is on various famous platforms, such as blogs, social media et cetera. Make sure you build enough resources on some of the most credible platforms.

How To Make An Article

The entire page creation process is a lot to cover within a few words, but let us guide you through some of the most important steps of creating an article.

1.    Sign Up For An Account

Sign up and verify it with your email so you can proceed further.

2.    Edit Pages

Make changes to existing pages so Wikipedia recognizes you as a credible editor.

3.    Article Creation

If the article in the name of your company does not already exist, then make one by asking Wikipedia for it.

4.    Research

If you have built enough resources, then research the type of content you need to be making. It should be unbiased and written in NPOV.

5.    Provide Citations

When you are done creating content, make sure you back the information up by providing sources. It will help with swift approval.


There you have it, some of the most important reasons why you should make a Wikipedia page and why it must be included in your marketing strategy. While there are certain other aspects that require more time to cover them, this information should suffice in helping you understand its importance and creation should you choose to do it.

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