The reason behind many people asking for a Wikipedia page for their company or business is because of the wonders it can do to a name. That is why many brands and people would like to have their own page on Wikipedia for two main reasons. First, the fact that it provides legitimacy to any name attached to it. The second one is that no matter what your query into any search engine is, chances are the Wikipedia article or page related to it would be on top of those search results.

Therefore, not only does it make a name credible, but it also increases its popularity. That is why, if the question is lingering on your mind whether you need a Wikipedia page or not, then chances depend on a few things. However, to keep it short, let us just say that whether it is a company or personality, then your article or topic depends on the notability or noticeable guideline of Wikipedia but we will come to that later. For now, let us look at how you can get past this intricate process.

What Is Wikipedia Page Approval?

Wikipedia is one of the most credible sources of information available to mankind. Being the largest encyclopaedia in the history of the world comes at a cost and that is why Wikipedia has certain guidelines and rules. While it would take more than just one article to talk about all of them, we will be, however, looking at few of the most important guidelines and process that can help you get a page approved. Nevertheless, Wikipedia page approval is the process where experts, whether hired by Wikipedia or volunteers, thoroughly examine the information at hand. In other words, when one creates an article or a page, these experts authenticate its legitimacy and give it a green light, thus making it approved.

The Process Of Approval

According to Wikipedia Page Creation Service, Wikipedia page or article creation begins with proper research. It includes understanding why you need it. If your goal is related to marketing purposes, then your desired article needs to be up to the mark of noticeable or notability guideline of Wikipedia. In simple words, it clearly states that without these two properties, an article is not credible for creation. However, let us dive into the creation process and know how long does it take for Wikipedia to approve an article.

1.  Account Creation

The first step is to create an account on Wikipedia. It is a simple process of a few small steps that allow one to create the account without any troubles. However, it would require email authentication so make sure you are logged into your email as well.

2.  Wikipedia Sandbox

One of the favourite tools for many Wikipedia Editors is this one. As it can help you understand the whole creation process. If the following process does not go as planned, this feature will help you understand the procedure and make you acquainted with the many intricacies that are involved in article creation.

3.  Establish Credibility

As stated earlier, Wikipedia is one of the most sought-out platforms for information. Therefore, it does not let anyone change or edit information on it. That is why one needs to establish its name in order to create a Wikipedia article. In other words, you must prove that you are a viable contributor and that you do not edit bogus information on it.

4.  Ask For Article Creation

Once you are done making yourself credible, now you will look up your desired topic. If your vaunted name does not exist on it, you will have to ask Wikipedia for article creation. Once you have, it takes about 4-5 days max for an article to be created in your desired name. Once done, then we are onto the next step.

5.   Create Content

If you have gotten this far without any trouble, then you are off to a great start and it is straight forward from here on. However, you need to be astute as this is perhaps the most vital part of the whole creation process. You need to make content that does not sound biased or look like an immature wrote it. Therefore, bring out the best writer in yourself when you sit down to write Wikipedia content.

6.   Proper Citation Of Sources

You are doing great so far, but if you mess this part up, then the whole approval process might be in jeopardy. That is why many experts would suggest thorough research beforehand. As you would be able to cite credible sources for your created content. Make sure you do so properly and that your content is in line with your cited sources.

7.    Publish & Wait For Approval

Once you have done all of the above, recheck before publishing the article. Then, you will have to wait until Wikipedia approves it. You will be notified by email or notifications in your Wikipedia account.

How Long Does It Take Then?

So far, you have done well and followed the whole process. However, the waiting process might be a killer for some. According to Wikipedia Page Creator, the process depends entirely on the magnitude of information provided. However, an estimate circles around from anything within 3 weeks to 3 months. That is because, as stated above, if the information is intricate and requires more than one expert opinion. For instance, a science-related page would take much longer than a page for a person or a company. That is why it is important to thoroughly follow the entire process so you do not face this hassle.

Over To You

There you have it, folks. As much information as could be regarding a Wikipedia page approval in a short article. Nevertheless, there are many important pieces of information provided by Wikipedia itself in their approval section. Read it before you proceed with the procedure mentioned above. If you do it, you shall face no problem and your article will be approved in no time.

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