An Interesting Guide On How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Author

The nearly impossible task of providing quality information to everyone in the world has been possible by the creators of the global information site Wikipedia. Want to know about a person? Look it at on Wikipedia. Want to see how a company is doing in form of revenues? Find it out with Wikipedia. Want to see how a film is made? Read about it on Wikipedia. In short, there is nothing that is not available on this huge online encyclopedia.

You can get information about absolutely any subject on this site, all you have to do is insert the subject on the search bar of the homepage. The site has become an integral part of people’s lives today. With nearly 52 million pages on it, the dependency of people is increasing every day. Hence, with such vast options, the site has secured the position in the top fifteen most-visited sites of the world by Alexa with 22.67 billion annual views.

Moreover, one more reason for its success and fame is that the site offers access to information in 304 languages of the world to be exact. This wide language option covers almost all the national languages and some of the mainstream regional languages that are spoken in more than one region of the world.

Wikipedia and Its Need for Authors and Books

Just like everyone else, the authors and their books also need to be appreciated and encouraged through this platform. If you are wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for an author or how to create a Wikipedia page for a book, then guess what! Your worries end right here. Get started with these steps.

1.    Be Clear with Your Aim and Prioritize It

Before you proceed with how to create a Wikipedia page for an author process, it is important to identify the aim of your page. Ask yourself why do you want to do this? What is the reason or motivation for you to create the page and how will the page entertain people’s queries? The same thing goes for how to create a Wikipedia page for a book too. Remember if you are clueless about why are you doing this, then chances are that your page may not do as good as it should.

2.    Read and Thoroughly Understand All the Wikipedia Community Guidelines

Despite being a user-generated site, Wikipedia never compromises on the quality and authenticity of the content. It is not like the site will let anyone post anything randomly, instead, it asks for authentic references to prove the information is real. Hence, in order to abide by all the rules and regulations, you will have to understand the community guidelines. Breach of any guidelines is going to cause direct rejection of the page without any warnings.

3.    Start by Creating a Wikipedia Account for an Author

Now here the actual process begins. The first and the most important part of how to create a Wikipedia page for an author is to create a Wikipedia account for him/her. The same rule goes for the process of how to create a Wikipedia page for a book too. Keep one thing in mind that a Wikipedia page is a lot different than that of a Wikipedia account.

The account is the start of the process whereas the page is what we need as the end result. You will have to be very careful in making the account because this is what is going to lead your way towards the path of a successful Wikipedia author or book page.

The Steps to Create a Wikipedia Account

These are the steps to create a Wikipedia page for an author.

  1. Go to Wikipedia homepage
  2. Choose your preferred language for the process
  3. Click on the create account option at the top right of the screen
  4. On the next screen, fill in all the details regarding you
  5. Make sure to confirm your email by clicking on the link emailed to your given email address
  6. Go to the homepage again and log in with your newly created Wikipedia account

4.    Edit Relevant Pages to Prove that You Exist

Just like when you sign up for a school for a specific course, you need to make sure to prep well for the entry test to get selected you will have to make sure to prep a positive reputation on the site to get your page approved. If you want your how to create a Wikipedia page for an author process to be fastened up, then you have no other option but to create a positive reputation on the site.

In order to show that you are notable and authentic, you have to make sure to do at least seven edits on similar sort of pages or of the same genre. For example, if you are creating a Wikipedia page for a book, then you need to edit at least seven relatable book pages to create a good name under your username. Also, you will be able to do the edits after your account is four days old.

The Steps to Edit the Wikipedia Pages

The steps to edit any Wikipedia page are given below. Make sure you cite every little change that you do on the site or else it will be rejected instantly.

  1. Go to any Wikipedia page that you can access
  2. On the right side of the screen, click on the edit option
  3. You will be directed to the Wikitext box
  4. Write your content there and cite it
  5. Click on the preview chances option
  6. Submit the edit by clicking on the publish changes option

5.    Identify If Your Preferred Topic Is Available or No

This is one of the major steps in the process of how to create a Wikipedia page for an author, it is because you will have to identify whether the title for your page is available or no. To see the availability, you will have to check for the red link on the site. A red link appears when a page does not exist on Wikipedia, this signals that you can create a Wikipedia page with the proposed title. This is how simply you can find out the red link.

  1. Go to the homepage of Wikipedia
  2. Choose your language
  3. Open the search bar
  4. Enter your proposed title
  5. The next screen will show it as red or blue

6.    Time to Select the Ask For The Page To Be Created Option

This is the easiest yet most important step of how to create a Wikipedia page for an author. Once you are done with confirming that the proposed title does not exist and that you can make a Wikipedia page with it, the next step is to click on the ‘ask for the page to be created’ option right beside the red link.

7.    Create Enticing Content for the Page

What is even a Wikipedia page without the right content? Wikipedia gives immense importance to page content and therefore you need to make sure to write enticing content for it. The next step is to post the content on the Article Wizard after you have clicked on the page creation button. You can also practice the writing format in the Sandbox option.

8.    Review Everything Before Moving Forward

Once you are done with content creation, reputation buildup, and content posting, make sure to go back and review everything for once. Reviewing everything is going to let help in figuring out any bug or mistake. If everything is perfect then great but if not, then make sure you correct the errors and then move to the last step.

9.    Turn Your Page In for Approval Process

This is the time that you have been waiting for the longest time, the submission time. After reviewing everything and after making everything with perfection, you are supposed to submit the page for the approval process. Make sure to be patient with the process as it may take a while due to thousands of daily page approval requests.

10. Constantly Update the Page for Better Reach

What a lot of people assume is that a Wikipedia page will grow on its own and bring traffic. However, it is not the case, a page has to be updated every now and then to keep its people updated about the information. You will have to do the same.

What is the estimated time for the approval of a Wikipedia page for a book?

The estimated time for the approval of a Wikipedia page for a book ranges anywhere from three to six months. If the page does not get accepted in the meantime, chances are that it is rejected.

Is notability an important factor in the process of how to create a Wikipedia page for a book?

Yes, notability is an extremely important factor in the process of how to create a Wikipedia page for a book. This is because it creates backup sources for the page creator and makes the person authentic.

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