How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself – An Impeccable Approach

Are you thinking of contributing to one of the most extensive virtual platforms in this world? Before you think any further you should know that this virtual encyclopedia covers about 6.2 million articles and over 5.2 million pages, in 314 different languages, making this virtual encyclopedia the largest reserve of reliable information on the planet.

After Google, Wikipedia is the most visited website in the world. With millions of visitors using this website for various reasons, you can conclude that English is the highest contributing language of the platform. With 11.2% of the total published work being in English, it is a language which is most used to offer information to people all over the world. After English, the most used language, which contributes a 9.8% of the total information on this virtual platform is Cebuano.

Learning how to create a wikipedia page for yourself may not something as easy as you thought it might be. It requires one to plan meticulously, and write flawlessly. The more immaculate your research and writing will be, the higher chances your wikipedia pages will have of getting approved. However, before we can get into the page creation process, you first need to understand how to create a wikipedia page for yourself. Worrying about the writing aspect comes later.

Create Your Wikis Using These 4 Simple Methods

Thinking how can I create a wikipedia page about myself? Well, no need to worry anymore. These four simple page creation methods can make your life much easier than before.

The most basic rule to make a wikipedia article about yourself is to use the red-link, which reflects the fact that the page title you have chosen does not exist on Wikipedia. In case the red-link is not already provided, you can always use these 4 simple methods to access it easily.

  • Use the Search Bar

One of the simplest ways to land on a page that offers a red-link is by using the search bar. Type your desired page title in the search bar and if the page does not exist then you will land that will provide you three options:

1) you will be told that the page already exists on the platform

2) it will suggest that you should create a new page, and

3) you will be provided with a red-link.

  • Changing URLs

You can always edit the URL shown in the address bar and the page’s title to your desired page title anytime you want. Changing the URL and pressing enter will take you to a page where you will be provided with a red-link.

  • Save the Red-link

Usually users save their page’s link on their user talk page so that they can access their pages whenever they want. Follow these four steps to create a red link by this method:

  1. Visit your user page.
  2. Use double brackets to enclose the page title you want to change and change it into your desired page title
  3. Push the “publish changes” command
  4. Use the red-link which will be shown as a result
  • Red-link Preview

  1. Use the edit option on any of the accessible page
  2. Make use of double brackets on both the sides of your desired page title
  3. Hit the “show preview” option
  4. Use the resulting red-link

How to Write a Wikipedia Page About Yourself?

Now comes the writing aspect of the page. This is where you will need to ensure that your page writing process follows a procedure that creates the highest possibility of your page’s approval.

Wikipedia does not appreciate the creation of a page about yourself. The reason behind this is that most writers creating a page about themselves fail to keep their content unbiased and their tone neutral. However, if you think you can manage to bring your wikipedia pages up to the standards of this online encyclopedia and want to create them yourself then you better follow these steps.

Step # 1 – Account Creation

Creating a wikipedia a page for yourself does not require you to register yourself on wikipedia. However, creating an account on wikipedia will enable you, as a writer, to increase your reputation in the right circles. Now, having a good reputation as a wikipedia writer allows you to make a good career for yourself in this particular industry.

Getting to how you can make your account on wikipedia, it is a very simple process. Visit the official Wikipedia website and once you have chosen your preferred language, you will land on a page, on the top right corner you will find an “Create Account” button. Simply, hit that button and the resulting page will be something that looks like a form. Wikipedia will require certain information from you and after filling the information and setting a username and password for yourself, you will have an account for yourself on the virtual encyclopedia. The whole process is no more difficult than creating an email account for yourself.

Furthermore, the username you will pick for yourself needs to unique. Every wikipedia page that you edit or make will automatically be assigned with your username. You will also be provided with your own user talk page where you can communicate with all the other wikipedia editors and writers. Moreover, your account creation will also lead you to have your own user page as well. This is where you can tell the wikipedia community about yourself. You can always use this space you collect a list of all the edits and articles that you have worked on. Displaying your work becomes easier this way.

Step # 2 – Topic/Title of Page

As long as your chosen page title is not already covered on the virtual encyclopedia, you can use it whenever you want. However, other the availability of the page title, there are other things that you need to be careful about.

Notability criteria is one of the most significant aspects of choosing your page title. Notability in simple words refer to the fact that your chosen title is deemed worthy enough to be made an official part of the virtual encyclopedia. Wikipedia has certain standards and if your chosen topic doesn’t meet those standards then it might not be given a separate page on the virtual encyclopedia. If your topic does not meet the notability guidelines provided by the online encyclopedia, then the most you can do is become a part of an article that is already present on wikipedia. Now, you must understand that only the title or topic of the page or article falls under the criteria of notability. The content itself is not under any restriction by these notability guidelines. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind about the notability guidelines is that your page title needs to have a significant number of verifiable sources that can reflect that your title is receiving significant amount of consideration from a large number of self-regulating sources.

Step # 3 – Research

Once you are done with the intricacies of selecting the title of your page, you then need to start collecting relevant material for your topic. Now, research might be one of the most significant areas for creating a wikipedia page about yourself. However, you must ensure that your research is not original. By original research it refers to the fact that whatever information you are using on wikipedia must be thoroughly researched and should be supported by facts. Original research is normally based on hypothesis and requires an opinion. Analysis is required in original research and the hypothesis takes a long time to turn into facts. Therefore, your research must be based on the information which is factual and your page must not depict any original research.

Step # 4 – Writing and Composition

If you are editing on wikipedia, which also comes under the umbrella of wikipedia writing, then you must follow a certain set of rules set for editing the right way. Wikipedia editing requires more than simply updating the information on the page. However, there are many details that you need to take care about.

Some of the most commonly addressed rules of wikipedia page writing are known as the guidelines and policies of wikipedia. It is imperative that you, at all times, are ensuring that you are following all the guidelines of the platform in the most comprehensive manner. So, familiarizing yourself with them is the best way for you to ensure the approval of your wikipedia page.

Some of the most important things that you need to remember on your fingertips are:

  • Neutral POV
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Be Bold but be clear
  • Citations
  • Plagiarism

Step # 5 – Submit

Now, that you are done with the page creation process, you must now think along the lines of submitting your work with the official platform. Of course, you want wikipedia page about yourself to be approved. The approval of your wikipedia page depends on how thoroughly you have followed the writing guidelines and policies of the virtual encyclopedia. However, you must remember that your page will be thoroughly reviewed by “Wikipedians” because once approved it will be a part of the platform officially and will be presented to the whole world as a source of reliable information. Therefore, the basic purpose of the approval process of the virtual encyclopedia is to ensure and maintain the quality standards of pages.

The best way to ensure the approval of your wikipedia pages is to check them thoroughly before you submit them and correct any mistakes you find.

How can I get a wikipedia page approved?

Getting a wikipedia page approved takes a lot of work. You need to make sure that your page creation process covers all the significant aspects of page creation that are necessary for the approval of your wikipedia page such as:

  • Notable Page Title
  • Neutral Tone
  • Thoroughly Researched Content
  • Reliable Information Based On Facts

Is it necessary to create a Wikipedia account to create a wikipedia page?

No, it is not an obligation to create an account and register yourself to create or make edits on wikipedia. However, it is highly recommended that you do create an account on Wikipedia so that you can assign all your notable work with your username and build a reputation for yourself.

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