How to start a Wikipedia Page for Someone

Do you want to make a Wikipedia page on someone? Really? So, just dive into this read to have in-depth knowledge for getting a Wikipedia page.

Establishing a name on the World number on 1 website is not an easy task. Interestingly, Wikipedia has become the most viewed and recognized entity over the past two decades. Since its establishment in 2001, this encyclopedia makes a remarkable position in search engines due to the excessive volume of traffic. It features 7 million articles in English and in various other languages as well.


However, this blog is not written to talk about the achievements and role of Wikipedia in recent times. But this blog is written to discuss the facts and possibilities about how to create a Wikipedia page on someone that sails through and gets instant approval.

First thing first, before heading towards the page creation journey it’s better to know how you can do it without getting any rejection from Wikipedia communities.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

What You Have to Do Beforehand

Before enrolling yourself in the Wikipedia page creation process on someone, it’s imperative to learn how Wikipedia works.

It mentions some of the core guidelines and policies that are imperative to take into consideration. There is a myriad of rules, but here you read the most important aspects to getting a Wikipedia page on someone easily.

  • Notability is the major concern for Wikipedia
  • Must have independent interviews to build credibility
  • Research your topic wisely
  • Double-check your topic to avoid rewriting
  • Your article topic should be unique
  • Avoid adding controversial statements, especially if you are creating a Wikipedia page for someone
  • Do not copy-pasting
  • Never violates Wikipedia rules that disgrace its legacy

How To Make a Wikipedia Page for Someone? Step by Step Guide

Now without any further delay, get involved in the page creation process!

1.  Create an Account on Wikipedia

While learning how do you start a Wikipedia page, start it by making your account? It is the first step-stool that takes you to the complete page creation procedure. Account creation is the easiest step compared all. It gives you credentials to get sign in to your Wikipedia account, lets you do edits, and creates a page with ease.

Wikipedia has a strict set of guidelines, so it warrants users to use pseudo names or anonymous names. As it is not only publicly available, other Wikipedia users are also able to watch it. So, if you want to avoid such things, it is better to follow the advice.

However, creating an account on Wikipedia is easygoing & trouble-free.

  • Go to the Wikipedia homepage
  • Click on create account option at the top right corner of your screens
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Add details such as your name, email address, etc.
  • Add relevant details
  • Set username & password
  • Press the “next” button
  • Receive the confirmation link at your email
  • Click it & get credentials

2.  Have your user page

Another step you should consider is to get a user page. The user page gives you accessibility to the Wikipedia directories from where you are allowed to edit the published and existing pages. It allows you to contribute to the largest hub of knowledge easily.

Make sure the edits you make should be credible, authentic, and valid. By doing so, you can make your Wikipedia profile more reliable and legit.

3.  Research

Moving forward to your page creation journey, and now another crucial step is research. To make a Wikipedia page for a person, “Research is the key.” This platform sticks to following the content creation guidelines and advises writers and page creators to add constructive and legit information.

It mentions creating your content in a neutral tone and discussing the facts and figures to make your content worthy. Adding valuable information increases the readability of your Wikipedia page and it even boosts your ranking on search engine results. If you want to make a Wikipedia for someone that stays prominent on Google SERPs, make sure you stay relevant, unbiased, and adhere to each policy to create premium content.

In addition, you also need to learn the principle of notability on Wikipedia and have a better understanding of the writing style on Wikipedia. You have to ensure the verifiability of your content by linking it with authentic sources.

4.  Becomes an editor first

Once you become a credible editor, it increases your verifiability. Wikipedia divided editing into two major types: minor and major edits. The information you add while editing the existing article makes sure the information is credible enough and sources with independent resources. Otherwise, your editing will be rejected and it also disgrace your reputation.

25.  Write out your articles

When you edit a certain page and read the research criteria, now you are ready to move toward the next step which is to create your articles. Once you become a credible editor, you can send request articles to create a Wikipedia page on someone.

At this point, you determine things are going to start trickier and more challenging, especially if you are a credible editor. Your content needs to be up to the mark and meets Wikipedia guidelines, so you can easily pass the approval phase.

You can write articles on Article Wizard. This will let you add content and choose the best suitable formatting. With all these, make sure your content should write with the utmost integrity.

6.  Citations

After all, adding citations is another key to having a seamless Wikipedia page about someone. It adds integrity, validity, and verifiability to your content. It tells people where the information originated.

However, there are different types of citations such as incline citation, short citation, in-text attribution, full citation, and general reference. So, pay extra attention while citing the information. Make sure you choose the right format for it.

7.  Proofreading & Articles submission

Do not submit your articles until you don’t proofread them. Wikipedia concerns every little information such as punctuations, grammar errors, unstructured sentences, and many others. You must have to check every little detail, so your page receives instant approval from Wikipedia authorities.

However, your Wikipedia page approval process goes through several stages and takes 3 to 6 months after submission.

What To Avoid for Your Wikipedia Page?

The process to determine how do you start a Wikipedia page is quite easy unless you are well equipped with the basic page creation policies. If you get the thought of creating a Wikipedia page for a person, get this thought out of your head if you are not able to follow the page creation guidelines.

► Advertising

Advertising and promotional act are strictly prohibited on Wikipedia. As it violates the Wikipedia community guidelines and policy. Wikipedia is not an advertising platform; the aim of the world’s biggest encyclopedia is to educate people with the most authentic information that covers significant coverage.

Wikipedia is not a soapbox, a battleground, or a vehicle for propaganda, advertising, and showcasing. In simple words, it is not a means of promotion. Create your article from a neutral point of view, rather than gossiping or discussing scandal-mongering. Wikipedia pages for someone must have high standard content, information should be balanced, and discussed in a creative manner instead of promoting one.

► Conflict Of Negotiation

While writing a Wikipedia page for someone, harassment is one of the real or biggest problems on Wikipedia. As a free encyclopedia, “no one owns content at Wikipedia”, so everyone is allowed to change the information which sometimes leads to disagreements. If you create an article or do some editing, remember everyone is allowed to make changes, and you are unable to stop them from doing so.

The fact is you should change their edit unless you don’t have a good reason. So, make sure the information you add must be relevant and taken from independent sources. Try to resolve disagreements calmly, and start your discussion on the article talk page.

3Source: Wikipedia Request for Arbitration

► Conflict Of Interest

While creating your Wikipedia page for someone, many times page creators deal with conflict of interest (COI). Usually, external relations sometimes activate the conflict of interest. You are not allowed to add any kind of judgmental statement related to a person or his opinion.

Any editing that shows Conflict of Interest (COI) is strongly prohibited on Wikipedia. It is recommended to do not have any conflict of Interest with your subject. Suppose you have, and you will not justify your statement, so you will not be able to note down every fact and figure properly. If you find any questionable content and personal attacks, join the talk page discussion.

4Source: WikiProject Conflict resolution

► Vandalism

If you wondered, how to create a Wikipedia article about a person? Must consider What is vandalism for Wikipedia? It is intentionally making an abusive edit or attacking the reputation of a notable topic. “Vandalism is prohibited” avoid to try this black hat SEO practice which only results in an account being blocked permanently.

When you make a Wikipedia page for someone, avoid vandalism. Try to create content with good faith, do relevant edits, add the most relevant information and evade such kinds of disruptive acts.


Can I make a Wikipedia page about someone?

Yes, anyone can create a Wikipedia page about someone. By having a user account and creating an article on any notable topic. But, it’s imperative to consider the Wikipedia legacy to qualify for a page creation process.

How do you start a Wikipedia page?

If you wondered, how do you start a Wikipedia page? So first start it by creating your account and showing your credibility as an editor. Then do some research, check out your subject notability, create articles from a neutral point of view, and gather credible sources.

How to create Wikipedia page for a person?

Creating a Wikipedia page for a person is simple, you only need to add viable information, and collect content from independent sources like books or journals. Mention achievements and accomplishments that are mentioned somewhere online.

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