How Much Does It Cost To Create A Wikipedia Page

Have you ever tried creating a Wikipedia page and article and watching it getting deleted within a few minutes? That’s because you may have failed to follow one of the essential guidelines of Wikipedia.

By creating a Wikipedia entry, you can greatly increase the popularity and online recognition of your company. Wikipedia regularly lists the search results within the Google search engine, so it is of course an advantage if your own company is found in the largest free online encyclopedia worldwide!

Creating a Wikipedia page and article may seem an easy task. However, it’s quite complex. Our agency has been working in this field of Wikipedia page creating and has served many people along with the famous agencies. We not only create Wikipedia page and article, but also monitor, update and maintain them. Our core strength is that we assign a specific Wikipedia page creator to your project that can create and write your Wikipedia article in any language. We know how to keep your article alive the whole time on Wikipedia.

But How Much Does it Cost to Create a Wikipedia Page?

The cost to create a Wikipedia page ranges from $300 to $3000 depending on the quality of the content and the credibility of the links. However, there is the least charge of $150 to make any edit.

In order to get an estimate for a Wikipedia page about your business, simple contact us with all the essential information. And we will give you the best quote compared to the market within 24 hours.

Why to have a Wikipedia page and Article?

Many of you noticed that when you type in Google the name of the actor, physician, lawyer, or the name of a well-known company, often in the first lines of the search there is a link to the Wikipedia article. Wikipedia is a world encyclopedia, the level of trust of search engines to it is very high. So any information is ranked higher than any website on the network. It follows from this that the presence of information about a company or a person here will be a powerful addition to promoting a brand, increasing the recognition of an individual or company. And how to get to this unique resource?

Simply contact us, we can help you reach the top search engine results within no time. Our Wikipedia pages and articles always stick to all the rules and guidelines that govern the creation of Wikipedia pages. Our Wikipedia page creator knows how to bring online recognition and helps you bring credibility into your business.

And how to get Wikipedia entry?

A Wikipedia entry about your company can increase the reach and popularity enormously. A topic contribution or company entry can be created free of charge, do not hesitate and read here how to get a Wikipedia contribution:

  • Check topic: Is there already a similar Wikipedia entry?
  • General relevance criteria: Does your topic meet the necessary conditions?
  • Relevance criteria for companies: Does your company meet the requirements for a Wikipedia entry?
  • Create a user account
  • Prepare Wikipedia entry
  • Research, sources
  • Save Wikipedia entry
  • Locate the article
  • Implement corrections

Our tip: On the Wikipedia Playground you can familiarize yourself with the source text editor and the VisualEditor and try out the functions in peace without having to create an account.

8 Steps to the Wikipedia Entry

In principle, a Wikipedia author can write an article on every topic after setting up a user account, but not every article is published. Wikipedia has some so-called relevance criteria, which decide whether the article is suitable for publication. Especially the guidelines for the publication of a Wikipedia entry for companies are tough! It is worth reading again here, so the first thing to do is research.

Check topic: Is there already a similar Wikipedia entry?

Is there already an article in the online lexicon on a very similar or exactly the same topic that you want to write about? Use the Wikipedia search to search for keywords and synonyms. If there are one or more hits, you should research a new topic or specialize in your chosen topic. Another option is to have an existing Wikipedia article changed if you only want to add information to it.

General relevance criteria: Does your topic meet the necessary conditions?

As mentioned in the introduction, Wikipedia has set up a long catalog of relevance criteria, which make it easier for you to rule out rejection of the article in advance. It is not necessary that you look at the whole set of rules, many criteria relate to certain subject areas.

Relevance criteria for companies: Does your company meet the requirements for a Wikipedia entry?

In addition to the general, Wikipedia also has separate relevance criteria for companies. Wikipedia assumes that a commercial enterprise can demonstrate at least 1,000 full-time employees or an annual turnover of 100 million dollars. A company traded on the stock exchange, a company with at least 20 permanent establishments can also create a Wikipedia company entry.

Create a user account

Only after you have successfully carried out the above steps should you create a user account because preparation is everything! Go to the Wikipedia website and create your account.

Prepare Wikipedia entry

This is a recommendation from us. You should first prepare your Wikipedia entry in a Google Doc, proofread it, compare it with the sample article and have a second pair of eyes read about the article.

Save Wikipedia entry

In the next step, your entry can be transferred to Wikipedia. When you have inserted the text and formatted it appropriately, you can have it shown in the “Preview”. If everything is correct, just click on “Save page”.

Locate the article

As soon as your Wikipedia article has been saved, you can still locate it in the appropriate category. Since the categories are structured hierarchically, it is sufficient if you first sort your article into one of the main categories.

Implement corrections

As soon as you have prescribed the entry, the editors will check it and, if necessary, send a message with corrections. You should then implement the comments as quickly as possible so that your Wikipedia entry meets all requirements and is not deleted.

What else do we offer?

In addition to Wikipedia page and article creation, we provide translation and monitoring. The cost of Wikipedia maintenance or monitoring is normally $1,300 per page per year and includes limitless updates. Whereas, translation of the page varies depending on the quantity of the content, however, averages $500-$900 for each page per language. You can contact us for a quick estimate for your page and article.

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