How to Register and Enroll in Wikipedia

Wikipedia is now the fifth most visited website in the world. It is also one of the few sites known to be hosted by a non-profit foundation. Students, professors, professionals, or others, many Internet users use this online encyclopedia, which has more than 6 million articles in 310 languages.

Many businessmen and entrepreneurs having the question that how to register in Wikipedia have been finding better ways to get themselves a good online presence. Registration in Wikipedia is optional, almost all functions necessary for participation in the project work without it. However, registered members are provided with some additional features that make using Wikipedia even more convenient. Registration does not require the provision of any personal information.

Right after registration, you will be able to:

  • View a member’s contribution, available via the “my contribution” link at the top of the page;
  • Add any pages to your personal watch list, making it easy to track their changes;
  • Briefly tell about yourself on the participant’s personal page;
  • Answer questions and advice from other members on your member discussion page;
  • Customize the look of Wikipedia to your liking.

After registration, participants are given some additional opportunities. The IP address of the registered member presented to the system is not available to visitors and contributors to Wikipedia. Only technical workers of Wikipedia of the United Arab Emirates, as well as verifiers, can obtain information about the IP addresses used by a registered participant, but only in case of gross violations of the project rules.

The pseudonym chosen during registration facilitates communication on the talk pages. Many participants find it more pleasant to refer to their name rather than their IP address, which can change each time you go online.

How to register and Enroll in Wikipedia?

Here is a guide that will help you register yourself on Wikipedia as a contributor and tell you how to enroll in Wikipedia.

  1. Click on the “Register” link in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. After going to that page, click “Register”.
  3. Choose a good name for yourself that won’t be an eyesore. You will get the most trust from other members by using your real name (First Name Last Name), but this is not at all necessary. Beware of similarities with pre-existing Wikipedia usernames. This can cause confusion and frustration.
  4. If the desired name is taken, then you can either choose a free one and register under it, or issue a request for usurpation.
  5. Enter the password for your Wikipedia account and repeat it again in the appropriate field. It’s better not to forget the password and not make it so that someone else could guess it.
  6. The function “Remember my account on this computer” should not be turned on if you use a public computer, otherwise other users of this computer will probably be able to enter Wikipedia under your name, and the actions they take will be attributed to you. The fact that you yourself, perhaps, would not have done some of these actions.
  7. An email address is required when registering, as a letter will be sent to it with a request to confirm the registration. Keep in mind that it is the only way to restore access to an account with a lost password.
  8. Please do not register accounts for general use. For example, for a company or organization. Such accounts are not allowed and must be blocked.

There you go! You have your Wikipedia account created and you are now registered on Wikipedia.

But why create a Wikipedia account or profile?

With a user account at Wikipedia, other contributors will recognize you whether in your contributions or in your discussions. This makes it possible to create links between contributors and to be part of an ever-growing community. After creating your account, Wikipedia will give you access to various options that only registered users can use, such as follow articles (be up to date with their changes), change your preferences, chat with other contributors, etc.

How to change the member’s name?

Most of the people ask that how to register a name in Wikipedia or how to change the existing one. You cannot change a member’s name yourself. It is impossible to “attach” a contribution made from another account or from an IP; it is possible to put cross-links between the pages of the participants. You cannot delete your account; if you want to leave the project, you can add the “Member left the project” template to your participant page and discussion and simply not edit the Wikipedia pages. Significant contributors can request a “usurpation” of registered names without contributing.

General requirements of creating a Wikipedia page

Any fact must be verified. What does it mean? This means that any information must exist somewhere. For example, you read an interesting site about a book, but there is no article about it on Wikipedia. Feel free to go to work! Write to Wikipedia information from your favorite site. However, nothing can be taken to the point of absurdity! Do not provide links to sources that support obvious material. Also, no links are given to information on the topic of games, books, films and other works of art, which can be learned from the work itself.

It is worth remembering that the site must be trustworthy. And if you think that the site may contain inaccurate information, then do not provide links to it. It goes without saying that you cannot link to social networks, blogs and sites where anyone can write anything. Any information should refer to reputable sources!

A neutral point of view must be followed in order to create a Wikipedia profile, page or article. And if there are several points of view on the topic of an article on Wikipedia, then you need to indicate them.

In Wikipedia, the material should not represent new theories, ideas, including your own, but should be based on an analysis of authoritative sources, that is, what is already there so that the reader can check the material.

Creating a Wiki page is the most essential thing in the nick of time. A Wiki page can get you an incredible online presence and boost your google rankings. If you have some new brand or product, which you want to make famous all over the internet, you can get in touch with some wiki professionals our there to work on your wiki profile. Wikipedia is the widest spread encyclopedic platform that allows users to freely compose any type of informative content for viewers and readers provided that the guidelines and rules must be followed.

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