How Wikipedia Can Help Your Business Become a Notable Brand

There are many ways to promote your brand on the internet. Creating a Wikipedia page for your business is one of them. It allows those interested in your brand or company to find more information about your history and values, and it also gives credibility and depth to your business. This Wikipedia page must be updated regularly so as not to appear outdated. It must be accompanied by links to your website and photos. To help you, we put its know-how at the disposal of our customers for the creation of their Wikipedia page.

Why Create a Wikipedia Page for your Brand or Business?

There are many benefits of creating a Wikipedia page for your business or brand. First, it allows you to give exhaustive information to potential prospects or customers. In addition, Wikipedia pages are often well-referenced: a well-constructed page will make your company name appear higher in Google search results, which will take up more space for your company on the first page. Still, with a view to good natural referencing, a Wikipedia page can offer you a very good backlink. Finally, it will make your business and your brand image shine, due to the seriousness that Wikipedia’s image offers.

Moreover, in order to make a successful Wikipedia page you must take care of the following aspects:

  • Adopt a neutral tone
  • Don’t go blind
  • Stay very factual
  • Present your sources to the maximum
  • Respect the basic rules
  • Accept what displeases
  • Place smart links
  • Ensure respect for copyright

What should your Wikipedia page contain?

A Wikipedia page must contain all the useful information about your company. In the first column on the right are referenced information such as the country and the city of establishment or origin, the date of creation, the names of the founders and key figures, the legal background of your company, the main shareholders, your workforce, or your main activity and the name of your main products.

The body of your Wikipedia page will contain a complete history of your company with its foundation and significant events. You can then describe your brand, its values ​​and commitments, then your products or service, their production process, and even give information on your market and your competitors. By including economic data and an analysis of your identity and your products, you can establish your business as a reliable brand.

Great importance must also be given to the selection of photos to accompany each sub-part of your page. You can also include graphics and images of your different products.

Finally, the key point of Wikipedia pages are the references at the bottom of the page, used to ensure the reliability of the article and your business. They will ensure the visibility of your business and a good net linking strategy if they redirect to your website.

With several years of experience, we today bring together more than 100 employees serving different businesses. Our brand content and artistic experts will help you create a complete and well-built Wikipedia page for your brand. Our experts know how to create a Wikipedia page for a brand or business and toil hard to bring your brand to the top search engine results. Request a free quote by calling us.

How to promote your brand using Wikipedia features?

We provide comprehensive services to customers in the creation, promotion and increase of website efficiency, brand promotion and Internet marketing. As part of our company, there is an agency for posting information on Wikipedia, where you can order placement of information on an encyclopedia without any difficulties, and with a guarantee of posting material.

In our work, we use many effective technologies, including writing Wikipedia articles with a subsequent publication. Therefore, you can count on us anytime if you need well-written Wikipedia articles and our specialists will use the capabilities of this method as efficiently as possible.

In addition, in order to increase the SEO-characteristics of Wikipedia articles, it is often necessary to ensure their promotion in order to raise the top results and get the maximum response from representatives of the target audience. When developing a strategy for promoting and optimizing your project, we will definitely analyze the possibility of paid placement of information on Wikipedia and using it as one of the trusted and popular platforms for article promotion, increasing brand loyalty and receiving a flow of visitors.

Therefore, when you have a question how to add an article to Wikipedia, contact us and we will solve this problem as efficiently as possible.

Wikipedia page – A marketing tool

The famous online encyclopedia also contains articles on companies. Does your company page not yet exist? Contact us now to get one for your brand or business and get renowned all over the internet.

Wikipedia is replacing the traditional home encyclopedia. But did you know that this collaborative site whose content is written by Internet users can also interest professionals? A Company category allows you to put an article on your brand or company online.

The interest is twofold. First, appearing on Wikipedia improves your SEO on Google (and therefore your visibility). Indeed, articles from the online encyclopedia systematically arrive in the very first positions on the results pages. Second, you will be able to control, as an author, what is published on your company.

How many times did you try to create your Wikipedia page and article and watch it getting deleted within a few minutes? The reason behind that is you may not have adhered to the strict rules and guidelines that govern the Wikipedia page and article creation. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Our Wikipedia page experts know very well that how to create a Wikipedia page for a brand and how to achieve top rankings in search engines. Where many agencies outsource their projects, we have all the skills internally to support our clients with excellent mastery of issues.

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