Wikipedia Page For A New Startup

For many companies, developing an intranet can be a matter that far exceeds their needs. However, if they need part of the utilities that the intranet can give us at an organizational level. A good option for small businesses is to use a Wikipedia page. It is an option through which we can index all the documentation of our company. In this simplicity lies its versatility, since it allows us to link all kinds of documents through it that we can have located on our network as well as it is one of the best ways to enhance your public reach.

It is always stated that it is very important to improve our organic positioning and to work heavily on our SEO, doubts arise when we have to decide how to do it. There are many techniques, and in this post, we will focus on how Wikipedia page is useful for a new startup.

Why is Wikipedia so well positioned?

According to a study, Wikipedia is the main source of scientific information on the Internet. Knowing this, it is inevitable to ask why does Wikipedia rank so well. The conclusion we reached is that it is due, among others, to the following SEO factors:

  • Its content is generated collaboratively among its users, and this makes it unique content, very concise in its terms and in great detail.
  • Pages are written around a topic or term, making pages focused on related keywords. The structure also accompanies, since they organize the information through titles and sections and promote agile reading through bullet points, content indexes, tables, numbered lists, images.
  • It works hard on your internal link, as it complements the information on your wikis by linking to other internal pages.
  • It enjoys high authority, which it distributes in large quantities through Link Juice, as a consequence of the above. Feedback with quality external websites pointing to each other is critical.

In this way, we are facing a domain with a 100/100 authority, too robust to be able to change the search trend, but with great importance to be able to benefit from it.

How to use Wikipedia as an SEO tool?

With the great importance and authority that it has, Wikipedia seems like a good place to promote your website or receive part of its influence, but getting it is more complicated than it seems. That’s the reason that most of the entrepreneurs and businessmen hire Wikipedia Page Creation Services to get themselves appear on Google in the top search engine results.

In fact, despite being a collaborative platform, it has a large number of voluntary editors and moderators who, due to their experience, accumulate the necessary reputation to supervise and modify the content of wikis, restore previous versions, etc. And at the same time, they will try to prevent it from being used as an advertising medium, so they eliminate any indication of advertising or bad practices.

Therefore, if we write an article about our company on one of its pages or link to our corporate website, they will probably eliminate our publication or link without any apparent relationship. Thus causing a publishing war that will harm us. Although this does not mean that it is impossible to appear on Wikipedia and take advantage of its authority, but that we must be more patient and strategic.

In fact, some say the best thing to do is wait for one of these publishers to see your company important enough for them to voluntarily write a post about it or to propose it to us through the Reward Board. And as an additional complement, it will always be a good idea to have professionals with experience in Content Marketing, since they can advise you to write quality content.

How can you write content on Wikipedia? Is it possible on your own?

Another alternative is to write or complete information on one of the Wikipedia pages with a topic related to our sector. In this way, when contributing new and quality content, we can refer it to a post or article on our website or to other existing Wikipedia articles that point to us, using the codes [[Internal link title]].

However, despite finding multiple guides on how to edit on Wikipedia, we must learn the formatting language and accumulate writing practice and experience to adapt to the guidelines of the platform. And, even so, we will always be subject to review by moderators, who will take into account our experience or authority, and who can eliminate our work if it does not adapt to what is established.

Moreover, it is highly advisable to consider experts to create a Wikipedia Page. This task may seem easy but it has a lot of complexities to be figured out in order to create a successful and legit Wikipedia page. It is worth considering Wikipedia Page Creation Services for this task.

Wikipedia – A Great Example of How to Get a Good Position

Not only can we take advantage of Wikipedia by linking our pages to it, we can also take it as an example to improve our organic positioning (SEO).

We can highlight three points as keys to achieving this objective:

  • The quality of the content is considered the main SEO factor to a position in searches. As we have seen, Wikipedia is a collaborative edition, is constantly updated and corrected, which makes it so relevant. Therefore, we must take into account not only that our page has quality content, but also that it has a good structure, that SEO copywriting is well done and that we make frequent updates.
  • Wikipedia has a structure that makes the navigation is convenient and intuitive, which can lead to the user to be longer on the page.
  • The linking of links not only offers a more comfortable ride, but we can also note that most important for the user. Without forgetting that we are transmitting or receiving authority from the linked pages and from those that link us if these links are of quality. In fact, although we know that Wikipedia incorporates the attribute “nofollow” to external links, they can provide us with an increase in visits to the article, in addition to adding value to these pages simply by appearing in one of their publications. Google will analyze it in a positive way.

This does not guarantee us a first place in the search results, but there will be an improvement in our positioning that, if done correctly, can be continuous. However, if you want to get your Wikipedia page now, let us know. We are one of the leading Wikipedia page creation companies and can help you appear on the top search engines results within no time.

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