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Wikipedia is a collective online encyclopedia project, universal, multilingual, free and operating on the principle of wiki. Its popularity gives it a considerable audience and therefore a notable attractiveness in multimedia communication. This implies that this encyclopedia can be beneficial for the multimedia communication of a company. We will see in this article the advantages of having a Wikipedia page for a business. We will also see how to concretely go about creating a company file on Wikipedia.

The virtues of registration on Wikipedia in multimedia communication

Having a company profile on Wikipedia is virtuous for several reasons. First of all, having a Wikipedia file for a company can help testify to the credibility of a professional entity. Of course, the content on Wikipedia must be improving. A consumer who perceives a Wikipedia mention in a search engine therefore gains confidence when he is in the prospecting phase. Benefiting from a company file on Wikipedia therefore consolidates the e-reputation of an organization.

What are the benefits of having a Wikipedia page or article about a company?

Benefiting from a Wikipedia file for a company also involves an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) challenge. Indeed, the Wikipedia file may contain a hypertext link allowing the transmission of a signal of trust with search engines and which potentially promotes the visibility of the website on search engines. Recall that the external hypertext links contained on Wikipedia are in “nofollow” which limits the transmission of the famous PageRank. However, receiving a Wikipedia hypertext link remains a significant pledge of confidence for a website in search engines in view of the reputation of this collaborative platform.

Concretely, a Wikipedia file can affect the conversion rate of a website by assuming a reinsurance role for Internet users. Legitimizing a company and its website to consumers and search engines has positive repercussions on multimedia communication. Indeed, the trust of search engines for this platform favors its positioning when the Internet user simply searches for the name of the company. Popular in the eyes of internet users, the presence of the company name on Wikipedia can impact consumer perception of the brand.

Note that the registration process on Wikipedia is possible for all organizations such as a company, an institution or an association who wish to gain visibility and credibility. And most of the companies and organizations are striving to hire Wikipedia Page Writing Services in order to create high-quality Wikipedia pages and articles.

How to register my company on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a project aims to offer verifiable content, which everyone can edit and modify. This on condition of respecting the essential rules which are in particular the verifiability of the content, the neutrality, the admissibility of the articles and keeping a cordial attitude.

But how to get into Wikipedia?

Registering a business on Wikipedia is technically very simple. Just create an account if you don’t have one and generate a file for your business. It is then necessary to describe the company in a neutral and impartial manner by using information from research work such as press reports.

Since we all know that Wikipedia seeks a point of view neutrality, which means that articles should not be promotional. In other words, the article presenting a business must not use any sort of promotional or advertising content.

Wikipedia is able to validate the registration of a company when other recognized and independent organizations or people have already mentioned it, in particular by publishing research on them. In other words, a company must be legitimate and known to be able to be present on Wikipedia. It is therefore necessary to rely on external sources that Wikipedia classifies into 3 levels:

  • Primary sources (scientific research)
  • Secondary (press articles).
  • Tertiary (articles from specialized sites).

Press relations actions can make it possible to obtain these precious mentions. Be careful, to properly select the sources of information to legitimize the company since the publications resulting from the company’s communication strategy, reprints of sponsored press articles, press releases, advertisements, results and others are not done research office. However, the notoriety of a company can be proven by any well-known published work, whatever its medium like newspaper, book, television, consumer organization report, etc.

Moreover, it is highly advisable for the people and entrepreneurs who wish to achieve top search engines results to get a Wikipedia page and article about your company. Since creating a page and article on Wikipedia is quite a complex task and requires a professional approach, counting on Wikipedia Page Writing Services is worth considering.

What are the complexities?

The most complex to register a company on Wikipedia is to pass the moderation stage after having wikified the page (formatting which meets Wikipedia requirements). This requires respecting all the rules of the platform and especially to pass the moderation stage by other volunteers. It is therefore essential to meet the requirements of Wikipedia before embarking on a registration.

Two other conditions make it possible to promote the validation of a company page on Wikipedia.

  • If the company is present in a notable, limited and independent classification of companies.
  • Or if the share price of the company is used for the calculation of a notable stock market index.

Registering a business on Wikipedia is therefore totally possible, but it takes time. For this, a press relations or media relations strategy can help consolidate the company’s e-reputation. This is thanks to value-added articles on media sources recognized and credited by journalists or press agencies. Thus, these press and other media mentions will legitimize the validation of a file undertaken by Wikipedia while respecting the criteria of the collaborative platform. In addition, this media relations strategy could produce a more global synergy with the various levers of web marketing. Following the registration of a company file on Wikipedia, it is possible to continue the process by registering managers (who can develop their personal branding or professional brand image), brands, products or services of the company.

For a company, the more the entity is the subject of reliable external publications, the more the information concerning them is verifiable and relevant and legitimizes the creation of a page on Wikipedia.

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