Wikipedia best for Personal Branding

Today, Google is able to answer almost any question. But if your question concerns the name of a brand, historical event or famous person, it is likely that Wikipedia will appear in the top of search queries. The fact remains that today it is almost impossible to use any search engine without going to the Wikipedia website. But this popular online encyclopedia can be a really powerful marketing solution for your brand.

Today, any company or brand can get a Wikipedia page, but it’s not as simple as it might seem. There are a number of factors that can cause difficulties. You may have tried creating a Wikipedia page for your brand or business and watched it getting removed within a few minutes. That’s because you may have disobey the strict rules and guidelines of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the biggest encyclopedic platforms and allows everyone to add or edit an article about their business. However, it does not allow any kind of promotional content. How are we supposed to use it as a marketing tool? Don’t worry about it! We know how all the crucial and essential tricks that can help you bring your brand or business to the top search engines results within no time. We know how to create a Wikipedia page for a business or brand. We also have been serving businesses for years and helped them get renowned all over the internet.

We do not only create your Wikipedia page, but also advise you on the whole process and ensure write your page to follow to Wikipedia guidelines. Our experts also make sure to use the proper format and referencing so your page will be compliant with Wikipedia morals.

How to use Wikipedia for external website optimization

Google uses links from trusted sites to measure the trust and relevance of other resources (external SEO). Wikipedia is a leader in user trust and relevance. Because of this, at some point, receiving links from Wikipedia made the encyclopedia a generator of a huge amount of spam.

According to Google representatives: “as a rule, algorithms do not take into account links with the nofollow tag.” Despite the apparent unambiguity of the statement, it divided the world of SEO into two camps. Representatives of the first nod their heads and look for other options, while representatives of the second cling to “usually”, form conspiracy theories in their heads and demonstrate wonders of creativity, continuing to spam Wikipedia.

The editors of the online encyclopedia have a bad attitude to spam and in general to any attempts to use the resource for commercial purposes. Therefore, even if you manage to place the link in the corresponding block of the encyclopedia, you will most likely be ashamed.

Wikipedia as a marketing tool

Anyone who seeks for an online presence can use Wikipedia as a marketing tool. But the first thing is to do is to know the platform well. If you are not very familiar with it, it is best to take a tour of the portal to find out exactly how it works and how the texts relate to each other. Once you have it clear, it is time to create an account that is totally free.

In order to enter Wikipedia, it would be nice if you had previously been mentioned in other places that help you gain reputation. For example, if you or your company has appeared in a newspaper or in any reputable website, it will help you gain fast recognition. The more number of mentions and quality links you can contribute, with better eyes you will be seen by Wikipedia.

Anyone can take advantage of Wikipedia as a marketing tool, obtaining numerous benefits. You will gain great visibility and credibility in addition to considerably improving your online reputation, since appearing on Wikipedia increases your notoriety. You also get results from the SEO point of view since you have managed to sneak one more page about your business in the first search results in Google.

But how to create a Wikipedia page?

If you don’t know how to create a Wikipedia page for a business or brand, don’t worry! Our Wikipedia page experts are here to help you in such aspects. Since creating a Wikipedia page is quite a difficult task and requires professional hands, we welcome you to take advantage of our services and get recognized all over the internet.

What other benefits I can have by using Wikipedia page?

  • Wikipedia page highlights your visibility in search engine results and reinforce your image. Your company automatically gets SEO optimization. We have already commented that Wikipedia occupies a privileged place in the pages of Google search results and usually appears in one of the first five results.
  • Your Wikipedia page about business or personal brand can significantly enhance your business and reputation by providing a credible additional presence and representing your business with integrity.
  • You can create or edit your business, brand or the biography of your posts on their website. You should subtly talk about your brand with a link on other open pages on a topic related to your brand. To do this, use the discussion page. In each article this space is offered, which must be constantly used to report changes, updates, etc.
  • Add a level of prestige, authenticity and credibility to your business, brand or person.
  • It can mean an attractive increase in sales.

Wikipedia is not standard SEO. This is not a place for spam. But you must not ignore it. Wiki is an amazing resource that you can use to get the most out of your site and contribute to Wikipedia. Therefore, your first step is to make a short list of encyclopedia pages relevant to your audience and topic. Use them for keyword research, external and internal optimization. Improve Wikipedia, improve your own site.

Wikipedia is difficult to navigate and many have run into problems trying to create Wikipedia page themselves. Our agency was started as a professional Wikipedia page creation service and we understand very well the process of Wikipedia page creation. We also offer page monitoring, updating and maintenance. Contact us now with the full information about your business to get a quote for your Wikipedia page.

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