Why Wikipedia Page About Your Business Is Important?

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world. It is a source of information for journalists and the general public. Unfortunately, anyone can write anything. And it is sometimes difficult for companies to control the content of their page.

How to register and connect to Wikipedia

Here are the steps necessary to create your account:

  • First go to www.wikipedia.org.
  • At the top right of the home page, click on the Create an account section.
  • Then fill in the registration form with your personal data – Username, password and e-mail.
  • Finally validate your registration by clicking on Create your account.

Once you have finalized the creation of your account, you can access it at any time and from any device using your login credentials.

Specific know-how about Wikipedia

Writing on Wikipedia cannot be improvised. This requires sharp expertise and the pitfalls are numerous. Some companies are sometimes tempted to write their page internally. Others entrust them to their communication agency. Its results as the content is deleted. Sometimes even worse when your page is blocked or no longer exists.

An editorial agency knows the codes to write and publish a page, while respecting the community of Internet users who make up Wikipedia. So it is worth considering an expert Wikipedia Page Creator for such a complex task.

How to add a Wikipedia page for your business?

Once logged into your personal account, you can start writing your articles. However, any user can have a Wikipedia page online, free of charge, and in the language they choose. It can add content about a company, an SME, a biography, or even a scientific subject.

Here are the steps necessary to create content on Wikipedia:

  • Before you start writing your topic, beware that it doesn’t already exist to avoid adding duplicate content. To make sure, type the keyword of your subject on the wiki search engine.
  • If the subject does not yet exist, on this area you will obviously write your article. However, you are called upon to provide an introduction to your text so that your article is not deleted from the site.
  • Once you have finished writing, click on Publish to put your article on the internet. If you want to preview your article before it is published, click Preview.

How can I prevent my page from being rejected?

To prevent the site from deleting your articles, there are a few rules to follow in this regard. Indeed, there are certain points to be observed:

  • Just like writing an article on WordPress, avoid copying and pasting. Indeed, and just like the Google search engine, Wikipedia is vigilant about duplicating content and preserving copyright.
  • Any written page should be referenced. Thus, you are called upon to mention the sources of your article whether they are websites, newspapers, books, or other. The more diverse your sources, the more relevant your page will be.
  • The writing should be done in correct language and in a neutral tone.
  • Write a well-structured text, that is to say, it is recommended to make titles and a clear layout using the tools put for this purpose at the top of the text editor. However, the introduction is compulsory.

Writing a Wikipedia page can serve your SEO but the exercise is not as easy as it seems. This is the reason why most of the entrepreneurs and businessmen turn to Wikipedia Page Creator. Such experts know how to successfully create a Wikipedia page and help you appear on the top search engines results. Explanations and advice to take into account to properly optimize your company page on Wikipedia.

Writing your company page on Wikipedia is a good way to bring awareness and relevance to the company. It is also the assurance of seeing the page appear in the first search positions on Google. However, as we mentioned that writing a Wikipedia page is not as easy an exercise as it seems. The participatory encyclopedia responds to precise drafting rules which must be respected at the risk of seeing its article proposal revoked by the moderators.

What to take into account when writing on Wikipedia

Before writing, we advise you to consult the eligibility rules of articles and the page on the notoriety of companies and products to ensure that the company can be the subject of an article on Wikipedia.

Also be aware that not everyone can write an article on Wikipedia. After creating an account, it is also necessary to edit existing content before being able to create one yourself.

Stay neutral and factual

The goal of a Wikipedia page is to inform the Internet user and not to seduce him. As such, you must be factual and absolutely avoid the business case and stay with the facts. Avoid any kind of promotional content. Otherwise, there is little chance that Wikipedia will validate your page.

Bring detailed content

Look at what others are doing. It is recommended to follow the method of writing other articles. For this, it must contain an introduction which serves as a summary of the article with the essential information. In the body of the article, it is recommended to start with a chronology of the key dates of the company. It is also necessary to complete the detailed presentation sheet of the company with its key information, such as legal form, head office, logo, etc. Again, be factual and don’t market your brand.

Cite sources and add citations

In order to prove the validity and relevance of the information transmitted to Wikipedia, it is necessary to include citations from third-party sources in your text. These are external sources that must be reliable and verifiable. This includes newspapers, books, magazines or authoritative websites in their field and not your annual report.

Be transparent

In order to remain in control of the content published on your page and to prevent others from publishing potentially harmful or erroneous information for you, it may be advisable to cite your competitors and not hide negative information and events on the site. It is even an approach that is appreciated by Wikipedia.

Expand your article with links

Links that point to other Wikipedia pages reassure the site about the importance and authenticity of the content you want to publish. Articles without links send a bad sign to Wikipedia and to moderators. Do not forget to also put an external link to your website in the presentation sheet under the mention official site.

Monitor and bring the article to life

Once the article has been approved and published, it must be monitored and its quality and relevance ensured. This includes updates on changes made in the company since the article was posted online. This watch also keeps an eye on the addition of content from third-party users and potential competitors.

This online encyclopedia is ranked as one of the most visited websites all over the internet. Indeed, a large number of Internet users come across wiki results when carrying out their research, since Google generally offers answers on its first page. This site. This is undoubtedly a great asset for improving the visibility of companies, especially for SMEs.

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