A career in illustration means good drawing, perfect knowledge of the illustrating software, and great imagination skills. Undoubtedly, these are the first thing if you want to build your career as an illustrator but this is not the end.

To grow yourself as an illustrator you have to do much more – promoting or marketing yourself.

How can you promote yourself as an illustrator? To find this out continue reading.

Improve Your Illustration – Be Precise And Master The Skillset

Before you promote yourself, understand that you have to show your skills you must master them first. There are some techniques to improve your illustration and make it more appealing

Keep in mind as per the United States demographics over 92,556 graphics designers or illustrators are working currently. That means if you want to stand apart from them, you have to build the strongest skillset.

DAILY PRACTICE: The most usual and practical way to improve your skills is to practice daily. You can come up with a daily challenge to upgrade your level. The daily practice will keep your mind sharp and imaginative, so it will be easy for you to gather ideas about a project.

SKETCHBOOK:  Daily practice doesn’t mean spending time in you brainstorming ideas and drawing. You can go for a walk visit the nearby areas and get inspiration from real-life things. The sketchbook can be a source for you to explore new ideas and pierce the unique creativity of your mind.

INSPIRATION: Inspiration is very essential for any type of work, and if you are an illustrator then you need it more because it can help you to learn new colors, materials, various styles, and approaches. There are many artworks by famous artists that are inspired by something and they are the best.

OWN BRIEFS:  Having a portfolio is one of the most important things that they should have. you can create your portfolio and on top of this, you can also create a brief about yourself, your style, and about your project. As per the IBIS World records of 2021, graphic designers are worth $45.8 billion around the globe.

 Sticking to your style is great, a signature style of art is best but if you want to grow and evolve, then it is important for you to evolve your illustration. And you can only do this by incorporating new ideas and scraping your head to explore creativity.

Platforms To Promote Yourself As An Illustrator

Now when you are ready with your art, it is the time to market yourself as an influencer. There are some platforms that you can use to promote yourself.


Instagram is one of the finest platforms if you want to market yourself as an illustrator. There is nothing more accurate to promote the visuals than Instagram. According to Instagram stats, there are two billion active users on the platform which gives the best opportunity for you to promote yourself and your art.


Who doesn’t know about Facebook? The social media platform is best if you want to evolve as an illustrator. It allows artists to promote themselves through various methods, from organic searches to paid advertisements. You can reach a global audience without much problem if you use the platform correctly.



Behance is owned by Adobe and was created for people working in the creative industries to share their work with others. You can start your own project and upload your illustration. You can display your art on the platform and attract the art-lover community.



It is also a friendly community for the graphic designer or illustrator where the artist can share their art as small images. If you want to be on Dribble, you require an invitation for this. This platform is best for people who want to share their art as a sample. It is somehow like you are creating your portfolio.



Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites and people are using it to gain information about their favorite topics. The size of English Wikipedia includes 6, 592, 734 articles. All information and data on Wikipedia are verified and driven from the trustable reliable sources. You can create a Wikipedia page for yourself and show the world your art, and let them know about you. The Wikipedia page creation service is here to help you with the creation of the page on the platform.



Deviantart is known as the oldest online community to promote art and creativity. The platform has a strong focus on photography, anime, fan art, and cosplay. All the creative artist who wants to show their love for their favorite anime, and celebrities can show their love here by illustrating them. But it is not enough, there is much more you can share on that platform.



Everybody must have heard about Pinterest and many of us use it to pin the best pictures to our boards. The platform is best to display your work. The audience here usually looks for aesthetics and enjoys seeing new pictures. It is one of the best platforms to get the attention of your audience and grow


Tips To Have A Kickstart As An Illustrator

There are a few tips at the last so you can ensure that you are getting a kickstart as an illustrator.

Think About Your Work Style

Every artist has a style that differentiates him from others, and as an illustrator, you must ensure that you are doing the same. You can create your portfolio by collaborating with local magazines. You have to keep yourself apart from others to stand out from them.

Get Your Work Organized

It is important for you to maintain your work and get organized in the first place. You will not be able to pay proper attention to your work in a messy and cluttered space. It is good to keep your done work in the file, or you can also create an online portfolio to keep all your work updated in it.

You can download some organizational tools that can help you with the stuff and you can also keep a track of you the time you spend working on a project, the remaining work, and keep yourself about the deadline of any project. These things will help you to complete your work in the given time.

Don’t Rush

The illustration is not easy. Sometimes you feel like you cannot do it anymore, you are out of ideas, or you don’t have the creativity and imagination anymore with you. But that is not the case, maybe you are facing artist’s block and it is not a big problem.

You should keep a break between the brainstorming sessions to calm your down. In this period use your time to explore the real world and this will help you in bringing the best out of yourself.

Make Connections

If you want to get a good start in the creative industry then connections are essential. You must have a connection with a fellow artist. Attend the events to meet them and explore the illustrative world more.

You can also take the help of social media to make friends and also this is the best way to know more about the people who are working in the industry. There is a chance that someone might pick you up for their next project.

So, keep your hopes high and be a good illustrator.

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