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How Much Does It Cost To Create A Wikipedia Page

Have you ever tried creating a Wikipedia page and article and watching it getting deleted within a few minutes? That’s because you may have failed to follow one of the essential guidelines of Wikipedia. By creating a Wikipedia entry, you can greatly increase the popularity and online recognition of your company. Wikipedia regularly lists the […]

Register a Business On Wikipedia – Create Your Wikimedia!

Wikipedia is a collective online encyclopedia project, universal, multilingual, free and operating on the principle of wiki. Its popularity gives it a considerable audience and therefore a notable attractiveness in multimedia communication. This implies that this encyclopedia can be beneficial for the multimedia communication of a company. We will see in this article the advantages […]

Is It Useful To Create A Wikipedia Page For A New Startup?

For many companies, developing an intranet can be a matter that far exceeds their needs. However, if they need part of the utilities that the intranet can give us at an organizational level. A good option for small businesses is to use a Wikipedia page. It is an option through which we can index all […]